Metta Meditation

May these beings be
free from animosity,
free from oppression,
free from trouble,
and may they look after

themselves with ease.

This is an example of traditional Metta meditation translated from Cunda Kammaraputa Sutta where the Buddha taught about non greed, non ill will, and non delusion are the keys to mental purity.  This tradition has brought to us what we call Metta meditation or Loving Kindness meditation.  In this practice we start out recognizing things that are good with ourselves.  We start by meditating in a way as follows:

May I be free
May i be safe
May I be happy
May I be healthy.

If it seems difficult at first to practice this kind of meditation we can begin with just recognizing things about ourselves that we like or that we find positive.  We can recognize things that we do, or we can see qualities of our person that are worth something for the world.

After we become proficient with meditation on our own freedom, happiness, safety, and health we start to bring this meditation to the people who are close to us.  We may choose to visualize our family or our friends.  It can be 1 person or a group of people.

May she be happy
May she be healthy
May she be safe
May she be free.

Slowly we meditate in this way and focus on increasing the people that we involve in this meditation.  Eventually we come to a place where we include our enemies, and the entire world.

May all beings be happy
May all beings be safe
May all beings be healthy
May all beings be free.

When we meditate in this way we are learning to love unconditionally.  When we learn to love unconditionally we can truly understand what buddhism teaches us.