Green Awareness

This is an article about awareness of how we are in relationship to the earth our primary caregiver.

As yoga practitioners we are constantly cultivating awareness in our bodies and our minds.  We learn how to engage our muscles and we learn how small movements affect the rest of our body, and our energy.  We learn how to get stronger, and we learn how to get smarter through all these techniques.

We cultivate awareness and we build this awareness to make our lives better, our bodies healthier, and our minds more peaceful.  We become more beautiful, smile more, and feel better with every step and every breath.  In the cities of the world where we live, the air sometimes gets thick and heavy with pollution.  Often times what happens is that we do not take responsibility, and we say that is because of the factories, because of the the industry, sometimes it feels better if it is someone else’s doing.

The truth is that we all do our part to pollute the air and the water.  We all buy clothing, and food, and plastic containers for our food,and hangers for our clothing.  We all have lights on in our house for reading sometimes, and for cooking food, and sometimes we use the heater so that we are not too cold when we eat.

This is not good or bad, but when we do these things with awareness that we can learn in our yoga classes, we know that we are part of the reason that the air is dirty.  We can take responsibility and see that we are the world.  When we go to the shopping center to buy some dish soap that was made in a factory, we can be aware of this, and even try to buy a big container of dish soap so that we are not using many small plastic bottles.  We may like to buy an avocado at the grocery store where we can ask the attendant to place the sticker on the avocado instead of placing the avocado in a bag and putting the sticker on the bag.  We can use the water that comes out of the shower before the water is warm to flush the toilet.

There are very many things that we can all do from turning off the lights when we leave the room, to taking the bus or the subway instead of driving a car or taking a taxi.

Sometimes we must take a taxi or drive a car, but when we choose to take the bus and the subway when we have enough time, then we are doing our part to clean up the air and clean up the water so that our great great grandchildren will have a beautiful earth to live in just like the one that we live in.

When we learn to be more aware of our impact on the earth, then we can learn that there are small things that we can all choose to do.  When we make everything we do a choice, we can choose to be a part of a cleaner and greener earth.  This is something we can all enjoy.