Flax Drink

Here is a recipe for a classic Ethiopian (and very  healthy) drink.  The idea came from a great Ethiopian restaurant in Berkeley California.
What you will need:

1 banana peeled
1 small to medium apple peeled
50 cc of flax seeds
a little ice (this keeps the flax seed mixture from getting too thick too fast)
750 cc water
a blender

The Ethiopians do it a little different, mixing only the flax seeds with honey, ice, and water, but here is a variation of the classic recipe.

Place the banana, apple, and flax seeds in the blender, add a little ice and the water, turn on blender, and start your mouth watering becuase this is going to be GOOD!
After 1-2 minutes turn off the blender and add this to a nice big cup and enjoy.

You can make all sorts of variations on this with other seeds and nuts (think walnuts or almonds). The flax seeds (walnuts also) have a lot of Omega 3 fatty acids which are great for you vegetarians out there. We need these fats according to Nutritionists around the world, so drink to your health!