Jayarasa Yoga

Jayarasa Yoga is an ongoing collaboration of Yoga that has its foundation located mostly in China.

Jayarasa is the joining of 2 words Jaya and Rasa from the Sanskrit language.  Jaya means the lord of victory, and Rasa means essence, taste, emotion Although this could be translated in many different ways, we like to define Jayarasa Yoga as the victory or achievement of the sweet essence of union with the highest qualities of our divine nature, which is present always in every one of us.

The Jayarasa logo has been a years long process of considering different elements of various traditions.  Om is a symbol from various times in the Indian tradition that represents the underlying principle of all creation. It is the sound that is always present, has always been present and will always be present.  Yin Yang is the symbol from Taoism that symbolizes everything with the outer circle, and the polar energies as the colors black and white in the middle.  The Yin and Yang energies could be likened to the Shiva and Shakti energies of Anusara and other tantric philosophies from the last 1500 years.

These ideas though traditionally separate emanate from the same desire for freedom in Eastern Cultures.  Please enjoy this website, and use the contact form to contact Benjamin whenever you need.


When we open to Grace we provide an unimpeded vehicle for the divine energy to enter from the sky moving to the earth through the center of our being.  In Anusara Yoga we call that center of our being a focal point.  The divine energy is called Paramashiva, and the energy of the earth is called Prithivi.  There are different levels of the movement which we call tattva.  When this divine energy reaches the earth, it rebounds from the earth and moves back through the center of our being reflecting the energy of Paramashiva back to the sky, radiating light as our individual creative luster, refracting the light in a way that is more unique than a fingerprint.  This divine refraction is the whole point of being here simply to dance the light of existence in a play of creativity, a dance of ecstatic delight that is a dance of truth.  Yoga teaches us to find that divine light in ourselves, and to dance that divine light as ourselves as we practice this Yoga in all aspects of our life.